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PhD in Animal husbandry and scientific work in reproduction and growth hormone endocrinology. First industrial experience in a feeding company, since then dedicated to the dairy industry with special interest in robotic milking, sophisticated milk analysis and sensor technology. Expertise in Herd management systems with special emphasis on any means supporting and improving the dairy herd’s fertility and animal health and by this the farmer’s economic efficiency.

Are Activity systems more efficient than Timed Artificial Insemination?

A suitable reproductive program is critical for success in dairy farms. There are currently different practices being used in different parts of the world. This is due to either cost reasons or legal status of certain practices. Visual heat inspection … Continue reading

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Cow comfort – benefits also in the calving pen

It is common knowledge by now that cow brushes increase the cow comfort – easy to understand for everybody seeing cows “happily” using these devices on each reachable spot of their bodies – obviously satisfying their need for grooming and … Continue reading

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Improved reproduction in heifers decreases total cost of milk production

 Heifers are an expensive part of the dairy business, heifer rearing costs are the third largest contributor to the total cost of milk production, after feed for the milking cows and labor.  Major impact decreasing these costs has the reduction of … Continue reading

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High quality silage – how to overcome unavoidable weather threats ?

High performing dairy cows expect high quality feed which is reflected in best silage quality with high dry matter, enery and nutritional content. This target is reached only with good ensiling management requiring in its term

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