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Train your calves to drink

Lifetime productivity starts when the calf is born. The better start in life you give your calves, the more likely they are to grow into healthy, productive and profitable assets. The future success of your dairy farm depends on the success of your calf management program. Continue reading

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Why do cows live longer in Stanchion / Tied up / Tie stall systems?

It seems that cows in Stanchion systems live longer than in other systems because stanchion tolerents slow walking animals (cows are in-place during milking and the operators go to them) and slow milking animals. In batch parlours slow walking and … Continue reading

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

The dairy farming business is like any other business, management is the key to success and data is the key to managing successfully! Stanchion barn (Tied Up / Tie stalls) dairy farmers are no different to parlour, rotary or robotic users, they … Continue reading

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